6 Types of Body Detox

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detoxpadsWith every coming day, there is an increasing awareness and eagerness about detoxification of the body. No wonder, more and more detoxification methods are being invented, of which some are traditional, while some are new. Here are six popular detoxification methods used on a huge scale today.

Detox Pads

Detox pads are pads or patches which are adhered to the arch of the feet and are kept overnight. Underlying principle of detox pads is reflexology. The pads use traditional Japanese herbs which are time-tested and are working for thousands of years effectively.


After keeping the pads overnight over the feet, in the morning they show traces of nickel, mercury, arsenic and/or other toxins in the body which are pulled out from the body in form of a slimy residue, speckled blood and black dots. It is claimed that this is a natural process and there is not any gimmick in it. However, you should take care to consult with your doctor before using any such alternative therapy.

Juice Cleanse

In juice cleanse you have to live only on liquid juices of veggies and fruits. Underlying principle is the watery nature of juices works effectively to reach every corner of the body and eradicate toxins from there. In addition, while cleansing it also imparts the goodness of fruits and vegetables to different organs. As juices are liquid in nature, our digestive system gets ample rest from the digesting work and it gets rejuvenated.

juice cleanse

Here too you should first consult your doctor before starting juice cleanse, because as you are not to take any solid food for many days, some people may faint due to lack of energy or sometimes even psychological reasons. Your doctor knows your body better and can tell, whether it can undergo such severe changes in food intake.


Halotherapy is also called salt therapy. It historically referred to a visit to a salt cave in Europe. Now for detox purpose, salt rooms are made artificially.

Salt room

Rock salt is highly dispersible in nature due to which can travel through the airways absorbing bacteria and mucus from the lungs. It is also believed to have a beneficial effect on skin irritations, allergies and asthma.

You can also try it at home by adding two cupfuls of Epsom salt to warm bath water and soak in it for a considerable time. You can repeat this for thrice in a week.

Don’t expect halotherapy to bring immediate effect. It will work slowly so better give it time. In case of any adverse effect, you should immediately consult your doctor.

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Sweat Therapy

The principle of sweat therapy is simple and it is you should sweat – no matter whether this is achieved through sauna, hammam, steam room or banya! Our skin is the most primary organ to throw out wastes, besides cooling down our body through sweating. There are two types of sauna – lower temperature and higher temperature, of which lower temperature sauna is believed to be more effective because it is believed to throw out fats, as opposed to water in the higher temperature sauna.

sweat therapy

If you want to do it yourself, you don’t need a sauna in your home. You can just exercise! Exercise too brings about sweating and reduces fat, eventually reducing toxins, because toxins are prone to get loaded within fat cells.

For vigorous exercises, take advice of a qualified physical trainer. However you can take exercises like brisk walking or jogging on your own.

Lymphatic Massage

Massages are of different types and by and large they eliminate toxins from our body. But a massage targeted towards our lymphatic system works more effectively for detoxification.

lymphatic massage

Our lymphatic system does an important job of throwing out toxins and if it starts getting sluggish, toxins accumulate in the body. A lymphatic massage gently promotes lymphatic flow and help the stagnant energy to move, thus stimulating our immune system and parasympathetic nervous system.

Take massage only from a certified massage therapist and avoid massage in case of heart condition, pregnancy or lactation.

Mud Therapy

The underlying principle of mud therapy is bentonite clay particles are negatively charged while toxins are positively charged; the attraction between them brings about elimination of toxins through skin pores. As mud therapy involves being wrapped in cocoon-like layer of towels or sleeping bag and heating pads for minimum 20 minutes, it should not be taken by a claustrophobic person. Pregnant ladies and those having allergy for iodine or shellfish should also not take mud therapy.

mud therapy

You should study all these methods well and consult your doctor about which will suit you the best. Only then you can adopt one and get rid of body toxins.

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