Natural Detox – Necessary for Both – Body and Mind

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detox body and mindToday’s age has made us all hasty, restless and stressful. No wonder, not only our bodies are filled with toxic substances, our minds too are full of toxic thoughts. Perhaps what we need the most is detoxifying our body and mind. As such, Nature has provided us with an extremely efficient detoxifying mechanism in form of liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. However, we subject all these organs to extreme stress, which makes them slow or inefficient by time. Therefore we need to detoxify ourselves regularly to keep our natural detox mechanism in proper health.


fastingThere are various fasting programs which you can adopt. But it should be carefully decided whether a particular fasting program will suit you or not. Consult your doctor for this. She or he knows your body the best and so, can tell more accurately which fasting program you should follow. One more thing to keep in mind is take up a fasting program in a period when there is no festive event for you to attend. Preferably, choose to live alone, and don’t fall prey to friends’ request for picnicking and parties, as fasting may make you….ummm… somewhat weak and crabby! Keep on having water and juices regularly during the fast to avoid dehydration and weakness.
The benefits of fasting are tremendous. Though initially you may feel slightly weak and irritable, because of lack of your habituated routine, you will feel more energized in a few days. Fasting gives our digestive system a chance to revive and remove accumulated toxins. Due to the rest, our system is energized and works more efficiently, with boosted up metabolism.

Detox your Mind

removing thoughts from mindSit alone in a compact and cozy room. Keep the body and mind relaxed and concentrate on removing thoughts from your mind. This is extremely difficult. Mind is full of thoughts and if we try to remove them, they come in more vigorously. You will have to be very patient to achieve this. It may take considerably long time. But don’t give up. You can apply different methods, like focusing your thoughts on a certain object, like a candle, a star in the sky, or just a pleasant memory in your mind. Let all the thoughts flow in one direction, if they are not vanishing altogether.
Hasty and tense lifestyle fills your mind with negative and depressing thoughts. By practicing detoxing your mind, you will feel more cheerful in a few days. You will be able to concentrate better on your work and will start looking at things more positively.

Deep Breathing

Breathing deepYou may not have noticed that when you are tense and full of thoughts, you breathe fast. Breathing rate has inevitable connection with our thought process. Therefore, whenever you are anxious, tense, worried, or stressed, take first a deep breath and then try to slow down your breathing, by purposefully focusing on breathing. Take long and deep breaths, instead of short and hasty breaths.
Deep breathing enhances your comfort level and reduces stress. This leads to reduction in negative thoughts and depression. Thus your mind is detoxed through deep breathing, in addition to physical benefits like getting more oxygen to your lungs.

Thus you can detox both your body and mind – only serious and patient efforts are required.

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