What if I Don’t Have a Healthy Lifestyle?

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detox padsAre you feeling fatigued, tired, nervous, dull, etc, etc? Maybe it’s time for detox! Don’t worry, you don’t have to go on a difficult detox diet. There are some easy ways of detoxification too, like foot detox and massage. Foot detox takes out impurities (toxins) from your body which is seen on the foot patches. Massage too is a relaxing and easy way of body detox. Let’s see how it brings about body detoxification.

If you are not taking care of yourself, i.e. you are eating whatever, whenever and wherever, not exercising, not taking in much of fibers and liquids, and acting weirdly in short, your body is bound to accumulate toxic substances which are harmful for it. These toxins slowly eat up our tissues and create hindrances in our normal body processes, due to which we feel tired and nervous and easily fall prey to diseases. A simple solution to this is to detoxify the body, i.e. throw away the toxins from the body.

How Does Massage Detoxify Body?

If you have undergone a massage anytime, you might have noticed the rhythmic movements they give to our tissues, organs and muscles. This very rhythm naturally brings about improvement in our circulation. You imagine a sponge. When it is squeezed, it gives out water absorbed in it. Similarly when our body is squeezed, toxins are thrown out of it. The toxic substances accumulated in every corner of our body are given out into our circulatory system for easy removal.

Importance of Lymph System

Our lymph system is often ignored and blood circulation gets more attention. However, lymphatic system does an important job of supplying nutrition to various tissues and organs and throwing out toxins from the body. It saves our body from infections. If our lymph circulation slows down, toxins start accumulating in the body.
Lymphatic system doesn’t have a central pump like the blood circulatory system has heart. Therefore it has to rely largely on gravitational force, breathing, exercise…. and massage. Massage does the important work of activating our lymph system. This is particularly helpful if you are not good at exercising, not taking balanced diet and not adopting a healthy lifestyle, which bring about an upset mind, aches, pains and lymph edema (swelling). These can also cause damage to organs and glands like thymus which have important role in the immune system.

Thus, if exercising regularly is not your cup of tea, massage gives you the benefits of detoxification to fight illnesses and chronic health conditions. It is good to drink a glassful of water after massage to speed up the process of throwing out of toxins.

massage for detox

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