Do Your Achy Legs a Favor – Get Compression Stockings

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Compression stockingsThere are various reasons why people choose to wear compression stockings, some of the most common of which include comfort, enhancing their sports abilities and the most important one: to help prevent medical conditions which can become serious over time. These stockings improve blood flow, so if you notice any swelling in your legs, compression stockings should be your first choice. You can choose from different colors, strengths and sizes but if you have any doubts about which one would suit you the best, don’t be afraid to consult your doctor.

What are Compression Stockings?

Compression stockings are essentially stretchable, snug-fitting socks that squeeze your legs gently. Graduated pressure or compression stockings are more fitted around your ankle and looser up your legs. There are compression sleeves too, and that’s just the tube part, without the foot. It’s for the best if you consult your doctor because he’ll prescribe you stockings which will be a perfect fit for you. They can be found online, at medical supply companies and a large number of drug stores.

Different Types

There are different lengths to these stockings too, depending on what part of your leg you need it for. Most DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) stockings go below the knee. You can choose from different levels of pressure too. If you want to prevent DVT you need higher numbers, which means a firmer fit. Anti-embolism stockings or thromboembolic deterrent (TED) are the stockings you’ll need to use after surgery or when you’re supposed to stay in bed. If you are able to move around or stand, the better choice for you would be graduated compression stockings. You can find out more and get your own pair at

Who should Wear Them?

Many people need compression stockings, but here’s a short list of the people in certain conditions who need them the most. If you’re at risk for circulation problems, be it DVT, varicose veins or diabetes, getting compression socks should be your next move. If you’re about to get surgery or you just got one, compression socks can be a significant part of your recovery. Other people who need compression stockings are athletes, pregnant women, those who need to stand all day at work, people working on aeroplanes, like pilots and stewardesses, those who have a hard time moving their legs or can’t leave their bed at all.

These stockings will put pressure on your legs and it will help your blood vessels work better. They help arteries that carry oxygen-rich blood to your muscles relax and boost veins which push your blood back to your heart. Compression stockings can stop dizziness when you stand up and help treating spider and varicose veins. Don’t try to endure the pain. Do your achy legs a favor by getting a pair!

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