Muscle Gaining Supplements – Things You Should Know

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muscle gain supplementsLifting big weights and eating high-protein foods should be enough to gain muscles, but unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Are muscle supplements the solution if regular exercise and diet don’t give the cherished results? In general, the answer is yes, but before spending money on muscle gaining supplements, it’s crucial to understand how our muscles work.

Human body has 2 types of muscle fibers. While type-I fibers help us perform endurance exercise, type-II fibers are larger and responsible for size and strength when doing weight training. It’s necessary to lift weight in order to cause growth of type-II fibers by damaging them.

But, what do muscle supplements do? Basically, they help us in our effort to gain mass by influencing our energy, hormonal and nutritional systems. Energy supplements will help you train harder in the gym and, as a result, your muscles will grow faster. But, don’t overdo it, if you don’t want to feel too nervous. Also, make sure the supplements you choose don’t cause weight loss, since it certainly isn’t something that you are looking for.

Hormonal supplements gear two main hormones (growth hormone and testosterone) toward gaining more muscle. Testosterone is synthesized naturally in human body and it increases the muscle gaining by enhancing muscle-protein synthesis. For an average male, testosterone boosters are probably not really necessary because human body already produces enough of this hormone on its own. But, if you are older or live in a polluted area, endure stress or not really sticking to a healthy diet, your testosterone supplies might be dampened. When it comes to the growth hormone, obviously, there’s no way to build muscles without it. And even though we have it naturally in our bodies, supplements increase its levels to their highest peak.

Nutritional supplements such as whey protein and fish oil can be really beneficial for people who want to gain muscles. Nevertheless, don’t treat them as substitutes for a meal, but as supplements. Keep in mind that in order to feel and be healthy, your diet has to be balanced and well-planed.


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