Treatment of Sleep Apnea by CPAP Machine – Getting Used to the Mask while Sleeping

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sleeping with CPAP maskA CPAP machine is an extremely useful tool that saves you from the dangers of sleep apnea. However, sleeping for the whole night wearing a mask is not easy and most people cannot get used to it though they are wearing the mask for quite a long time. While it cannot be natural to have something on your nose and/or mouth, by choosing the best CPAP machine, majority of sufferers of sleep apnea can overcome their fear of mask quite quickly and actually start enjoying the relaxing, restorative sleep provided by CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure).

Choosing CPAP Mask

The introduction of patient with CPAP and different masks often determines the long term success of therapy. If the first encounter doesn’t end up well, you may have to keep fighting a difficult battle. The battle begins with accepting the fact your breath stops in the middle of your sleep and it can be best treated by wearing a mask to blow air under pressure in your airway, for the entire night, every night and probably throughout your life.

Types of Masks

There are three common types of masks:

  1. Nasal Pillows: These go only in the nostrils
  2. Nasal Masks: These cover the nose
  3. Full Face Masks: These cover both – the nose and the mouth

There is also a fourth variety which is less common and it is called Hybrid Mask that has a cushion joined to nasal pillows over the mouth.

There are multiple styles within each of these types. You should remember that their function is the same, i.e. to apply air pressure. So, there is nothing like the best; you should just see to it that you feel comfortable while wearing it.

Tips for Wearing CPAP Mask Successfully

  • It’s most important that the mask is a perfect fit. If it is too large, you will have to pull its straps tightly which may cause irritation of skin or sores. Soft CPAP strap covers are also available to lessen the rubbing of straps against your facial skin. If the mask is too small, it cannot seal properly and will let the air leak out through the borders and enter your eyes.
  • Before you start using the mask while sleeping, start using it during the day for short time durations while reading or watching TV. This will help you to get used to the mask and you will feel more natural while wearing it and trying to sleep.
  • Use it every night and make it your bedtime routine and every nap. If you avoid using it, you will lose its health benefit and your body would find it difficult to adjust to the therapy.
  • Make adjustments of the straps and headgear of the mask till you get the right fit. You can also get a special pillow that is favorably shaped for a CPAP mask and tubes.

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