Types of Home Care – Choose the Right One

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senior careHome care and home healthcare are skilled care to assist homebound patients for performing their daily duties and medicate them. This is an extremely important service because when patients cannot be moved to hospitals and have to remain within home, their family members may not be able to take their proper care because they are not trained for that and/or also due to lack of time. Especially, senior home care is very important because seniors cannot perform even simple chores like dressing or eating and need help almost for the entire day. Depending on the condition of the patient, there are various types of home care services.

Dementia Care

A person suffering from dementia becomes helpless. The disorder affects every part of one’s life, right from the moment they wake up in the morning to when they go to bed at night. And it also continues when they are in bed, making them bewildered and frightened of the possibility of a nightmare and waking up eventually in the middle of night. So, dementia brings along depression, anxiety and often isolation from the outside world. In such a condition, a homecare provider is very helpful for maintaining the person’s independence and dignity. They find ways to ease the person’s frustrations. The difficulties associated with the person’s dementia not only affect her/his own life, but also of their family’s. Home caregivers bring the family members close together so as to support the dementia patient. For example, Senior Home Care provides first rate home care in Beverly Hills for the patients of dementia and other degenerative disorders.

dementia care

Chronic Condition Home Care

Persons diagnosed with a chronic condition too need assistance at home and their families too are affected by the condition because of the stress created by the unpredictable changes in the patient. A trained caregiver helps maintain a secure environment in the home and provide the additional help with routine tasks and housekeeping that enables the patient to live as independently as s/he can. If the person suffers from mobility issues, the caregiver can safely and properly transfer the patient from bed to living areas to bathroom with the help of the equipment required, and also get the patients outside to make them benefited by fresh air for their emotional health.

home care for chronic condition

Home Care for Patients with Degenerative Disorders

A patient coping with a degenerative disorder like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) or the like, or recovering from stroke, s/he too needs home care which a trained caregiver can provide. A degenerative disorder makes routine errands difficult to perform and the caregiver can make the patient’s life easier by helping them in bathing, dressing and eating, and enabling them to live an independent and dignified life.

homecare in degenerative disorders

Senior Home Care

As people age, they lose their various abilities due to lack of strength and reduced agility. Most seniors lose mobility or even become bedridden. And most of the times, they wish to stay in their own home rather than a hospital. In such a condition, a provider of senior home care is very useful. Such a caregiver can assist the senior by doing routine chores and light housekeeping, and providing assistance in performing the routine tasks. Many seniors have to spend a lonely life in their home; but, a caregiver can be helpful in overcoming this loneliness because they can also act as perfect companions with their friendly, caring and joyous nature. Senior Home Care in Woodland Hills provides the best home care for seniors.

senior home care

After Surgery Home Care

A person undergone a surgery needs a lot of aftercare because the mobility may be restricted, lots of preventive medications to be taken, special food to be eaten and daily dressing of the wound to be done. In such a condition, a trained caregiver helps in all the chores maintaining privacy, thus relieving the loved ones of the patient from stress. At the same time, s/he is focused on the patient’s safety, well-being and fast recovery.

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after surgery care

Home Care for Any Age

A person of any age can require home care, for example, a sick child, bedridden parent, special young adult or recovering spouse, when people have no time to pay the due care and attention because of important duties at work. Even women undergoing complicated pregnancy or delivery may need home care. Home care services are flexible enough to provide home care in such conditions for people of any age.

home care for any age

Duties of Home Caregiver

Although the duties of caregivers vary according to the condition of the patient they have to look after, the basic tasks are the same. Here are some basic duties home caregivers perform:

  • Helping in daily tasks, like bathing, dressing, eating and taking medications
  • Cleaning house, preparing meals, doing laundry
  • Helping in shopping groceries
  • Discussing the care plan with the doctors and care managers
  • Arranging doctor’s appointment and taking the patient to the clinic/hospital
  • Helping with physiotherapy, feeding tubes, injections and other medical procedures or devices
  • Transferring the patient from bed to another room or bathroom and back to bed
  • Handling an emergency medical situation
  • Providing companionship

cooking assistance

Homecare providers take care to prepare their care plan according to the client’s as well as their family’s requirements, and accommodate hours and days to meet their particular scheduling needs. Mostly senior care is offered round-the-clock. Home care can be short or long term depending upon the condition of the patient.

Unskilled Homecare Providers

Homecare providers may be unskilled too. Such unskilled homecare providers can help the patients in performing the basic duties and even administer medications and carry on other medical procedures as per the instructions. However, unskilled home care is not reimbursed under Medicare and so, paid privately. A physician’s order is not required to appoint unskilled provider as their need is not considered medically essential.


A registry like private duty registry or nurse registry serves as an employment agency for various skilled as well as unskilled caregivers including nurses and nurse assistants (CNA – Certified Nurse Assistant), and rehab therapists. Several states don’t make it compulsory for them to complete particular regulatory needs or to be licensed.

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