Pregnancy and Its Challenges

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One of the most beautiful phases of woman’s life is pregnancy. But how many women actually find it beautiful? Every woman desires to have a child, but many of them are not aware of the emotional and physical changes that they have to go through during pregnancy. There are many biological changes that influence the production of hormone. This phase is actually a combination of bad and good experiences. It may take some time for you to get used to these changes at first. But, as the time passes, your body will start accepting these changes. The first three months and last two months are the most difficult parts of pregnancy. Baby weight can put lot of pressure on your back and it gets tough to maintain your stance. Your back may get strained and it pains a lot during those days. Some women go through sleeping problems because their sleeping positions get uncomfortable. So, it is recommended to exercise on regular basis during this stage and pay attention on diet. Pregnancy can be very challenging, but, you can handle it with proper care and caution and you can also enjoy it.

Challenges faced during pregnancy

1. Mood changes: This is a common abnormality and it is crucial that your family members get ready for it. Women can go through terrible mood swings during pregnancy. Some women enter depression, and some may show irritation and frustration for everything. Anger, disgust, irritation etc are very common feelings during this time. In fact, many emotions are embellished and women normally tend to get hypersensitive during pregnancy. It is important that they have a strong support system during pregnancy. Husband and his family should help pregnant woman to deal with their mood swings. Pregnancy mood swings are temporary and they disappear after the birth of child.

2. Sickness during early morning and evening: The concept of evening sickness wasn’t there earlier. But, these days, women go through morning and evening sickness. A feeling of restlessness, headache and nausea can be very frustrating sometimes. Additionally, it can get worse when this happens on regular basis. Some women even lose their appetite because of nausea. There is no proper cure for this, you have to try home remedies to deal this condition. For instance, you can consume sweet lime or fresh lime juice to overcome the sensation of vomiting.

3. Cravings: Cravings may not be a huge challenge but it can make a woman go crazy during pregnancy. Craving can be so strong that it will not let you settle until you eat what you have been craving for. Some women go through a change in their likings and tastes as well. They may start liking something that they never liked before.

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