3 Useful Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety

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relaxation videos can help social anxietyIt’s not strange to feel awkward in social situations. You may not have heard what the other person said, or you came to an incorrect conclusion which made you feel embarrassed. Perhaps you’re about to meet some new people and you’re feeling anxious. These are just some of the situations which can be defined as examples of social anxiety/phobia. This social phobia represents the fear of interacting with other people and social situations in general. Kids are usually shy, but in most cases that fades away with their growth and development due to practising their social skills. But, this is not always the case. Sometimes the feeling of anxiety continues into adult years, where it can be defined as social anxiety. There are some ways of overcoming this obstacle. By following these tips, you’ll start feeling better right away.

1) Perspective

Many people with social anxiety consider themselves to be less worthy of something, have a low self esteem and in general a negative outlook towards life. When they are to be immeresed in a social situation, they just apply their own bad thoughts to the other people’s way of thinking. That way, their own thoughts start smothering them. This process of negative self evaluation can be revesed. A person suffering from social anxiety spends most of their time thinking about themselves – and the picture can be reversed from bad to good with some practice and discipline.

2) Relax

To be concise, in order to face any situation which involves social interaction, one of the most important factors is to feel relaxed. This will lead to a relaxing feeling, being open to other ideas, conversations and in general be more spontaneous and yourself. Different people find different ways to relax. There are many ways of relaxation including meditation, yoga, roaming in the nature and yes, even relaxation videos can help social anxiety. This is because you can watch nature and other calming scenes in such videos. By allowing yourself to feel free, you will manage to beat your social anxiety one step at a time.

3) Self hypnosis

Out subconscious mind is more powerful than you can imagine and with techniques like self-suggestions and self-hypnosis, we can overcome many of our problems, provided we should have a strong trust. Create some self-suggestions such as ‘I am feeling confident enough to talk to anyone’, ‘I am not scared of any situation or anyone’ etc. Reiterate these suggestions once when you wake up in the morning and second time before going to bed many times in each session. You will be surprised to notice the improvement in your social anxiety.

Having social anxiety is a difficult battle to win, but if you’re persistent enough you can overcome it, though slowly. The bravest thing is to accept that you have a problem, and you will have your friends and family to support you the rest of the way!

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