How to Overcome the Fear of Flying?

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fear of flyingSome first flyers are comfortable with plane and flying just as they are while sleeping in their house, but many others are not. Reason may be anything. And it’s often seen that the fear of flying is not alone, but comes with some other fear too, like that of confined places (claustrophobia) or of being locked in the plane. Overcoming the fear needs courage, determination and practice. Here are some tips.

Finding Triggers

The fear of flying is not constantly living in your mind. It is triggered by some factors. If you find these triggers and work on them, you will be on the right track. These triggers are generally in the form of thoughts, sensations, images and even memories. A person who is afraid of heights may be bewildered with a thought that in the plane s/he will be at a tremendous height from the ground.

The list of thoughts acting as triggers is endless and includes terrorism, turbulence, being too far from home, illness spread through the airplane system, using plane’s toilets, and so on. Some people somehow think that because they are anxious, something fearful is going to happen.

Think about the Triggers

Once you identify your trigger, you have to think upon it. For example, if you are afraid of height and are afraid of flying because the plane would be at a great height, think along the lines of why you should be afraid of height, so many people will be with you, how they would allow you to fall off the plane, plane is a safe enclosure and there is no chance of falling down, etc.

Que Sara Sara (Whatever will be, will be)

This expression is useful to overcome any fear, and not just the fear of flying. You can remember many things in your life, good or bad, that happened and you couldn’t do anything – neither you were to be accredited for them nor to be blamed. So, if there would be something bad when you will be in a plane, what can you do? You just don’t have a control on it; so, be calm and let whatever happen!

Visit to read the experience of a former fearful flyer, JP Richards, who overcame his fear in an evening and later became a “phobia removal expert”. Today he works one-to-one with his clients and is famous for giving immediate and permanent results.

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